On January 11th, the Rules Committee will hear from applicants to the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force. Due to a personal appointment, I cannot attend the meeting. With transparency in mind, I wanted to share my statement of intent with San Franciscans.

Thank you to Ixchel Acosta, Andrew Broderick, Donna Hilliard…

Catch me on Cloudflare.tv with Dan Hollinger on August 3, 2020 to hear more about this story

In between texts sent over t-9 phones, my days at Highland Park Middle School in Beaverton, Oregon from 2006 to 2008 were fairly typical — social studies, science, and math classes filled my…


I applied to the San Francisco Free City College Oversight Committee. Yesterday (Thursday), I learned about a hearing regarding my application on Monday at 10am. Sadly, this time overlaps with two of my classes in Berkeley.

This is exactly the sort of barrier I want to eliminate by getting…

It took a family reunion to make me realize that family isn’t defined by genetics. Instead, family is a decision you make to share a tie with someone despite geographic and genealogical differences — you define your own family.

Highlights from Frazier Fest 2019.

America needs to have a similar awakening. Our American family doesn’t…

by pablo nieves-valenzuela and kevin frazier

You support what you help build.

That’s our hypothesis for why Oregonians are so engaged in civic affairs. It’s also the basis of our support for the Oregon Youth Council.

Building an institution for youthful input. Courtesy of wiki commons.

Older Oregonians do plenty of building: voters have the initiative process to advance their…

I wrote the letter below for a loved one struggling through a relapse with anorexia. Feel free to tailor it and use it to help someone you may know that needs a little help getting back up to full speed.

Creative Commons image.

Dear Jane/John Doe,

Anorexia sucks.

It’s like crashing a bike…everything was going…

Kevin Frazier

Student at the Harvard Kennedy School and UC Berkeley School of Law. Apolitical Contributing Author.

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